Piotr Kulpinski

I’m a freelance Front-End and WordPress developer. I’ve had the pleasure of creating websites for startups and companies of all sizes helping them to improve response, drive sales, and boost profitability. Check out my recent web projects or read more about me.

What my clients are saying:

„Piotr is by far my favorite developer to work with! He is passionate, timely, responsive, and his end product is top quality. He takes pride in the websites he builds, and communicates every step of the way. He’s also very forward thinking in his development approach, and not afraid to tell us that a design would work better with some slight adjustments. I have come to trust and value his input and suggestions, as they have all proven to be valid. We’ve loved collaborating with Piotrek, which has resulted in the best, and most long-lasting end product for our clients. ‟

Founder, Com+Rad View project +
I’ve been lucky to work with:
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